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Lifecoach, Workshop facilitator en Singer songwriter.
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Help me remember, bare feet on the ground

In times like these it’s super important to come together in good atmosphere with loving intentions. To connect with like minded people, being together and join hands for a better world.

Men and women have gathered for centuries, to connect and support each other. We need each other.. Now more than ever.


Sister Circle
In a warm, safe and inspiring setting we come together with women only. A moment of peace and relaxation, grounding, coming home to yourself, connecting and sharing with like minded sisters. In softness being together in a conscious field of love and light, coming home to yourself, being the beautiful woman that you are.

We will work with meditation, visualization, inquiry, sharing, moving and music.
 Each Sister Circle has its own theme.

Date: coming up


Soul Singing Circle

Music is such a beautiful and powerful tool. It has ways to touch, connect and heal. In a singing circle we will gather and sing mantra’s and soul songs from other artists like Ajeet, Fia, India Arie etc. In softness we will ground, come home to ourselves and connect with each other. You don’t need to be a great singer. Everyone can join.

Dates coming soon


Workshop Consciousness

I’m currently working on it.

Workshops can also be booked for festivals and retreats. 
I’m always open to collaborate with other inspiring coaches. Feel free to contact me.