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Lovingly deepen to come home to yourself

Do you long for..

  • Peace of mind, connection and coming home to yourself?
  • Be who you are meant to be from your essence?
  • Live from a place of wholeness, love, light and truth?
  • Lovingly breaking free from blocks and old convictions?
  • Discovering your passion, talent and biggest dreams to build your most beautiful life?
  • To live your purpose and contribute to making this world a better place?

We all desire to be happy, to be at home in ourselves and to live our most beautiful life. Sometimes we get to do so, and other times we are held back by emotional blocks, old convictions and survival mechanisms. Layers that have grown over our essence and our inner knowing. Layers that once helped us, but no longer serve us and that lovingly we may look into, feel into and let go off.

This proces of inner growth aks for growing consciousness and looking inward, past all the layers into the core of your being, back to your essence. It is lovingly deepening to come back home to yourself to discover what wants to be seen, felt, healed and discovered on the deeper layers inside of you. Once again becoming whole and really coming home to yourself from where you can take your own unique place in this world.


Loes Swinkels Coaching can help you in this proces. Think of..

  • Becoming present with what wants to unfold on deeper layers inside you
  • Healing old pain when necessary
  • Facing and letting go of blocks and survival mechanisms
  • Discovering and breaking old discfuntional patterns
  • Embracing your inner child and true needs
  • Discovering your passions, talents and biggest dreams
  • Connecting to your essence, purpose and inner wisdom

We will work in a conscious field of love, where everything that wants to be seen is welcomed. With my loving presence I hold space for you and offer you a safe environment in which you may land, be yourself and may discover and grow.
Whether you just get started on the path of consciousness and personal growth, or you have walked this beautiful path for years already and want to deepen your proces. I am here for you.

All theme’s are welcome; for example work, relations, connection to yourself and others, patterns, blocks, desires etc.

In my practice I work with individual constellations, inquiry and different indoor and outdoor coaching techniques. To learn more about me as a coach, check out the reviews and About Me page.

“My constellation with Loes was incredibly beautiful and transformative. It was my first ever constellation and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Loes created and held the space with such love and care, I felt truly seen and nurtured.
Everything unfolded gently with Loes guiding me at a pace that felt comfortable, I never felt any rush or pressure to go too far. What was felt and replicated in the circle was powerful and magical beyond words. I was able to observe some unresolved trauma from my past and to see my inner child was disconnected from me and my higher self.
Working with Loes I was able to clear through the walls and barriers I had put around my inner child and to clear the path for her to reconnect with me. I am eternally grateful for the session with Loes and what it has made possible for me.
Loes is a skilled, highly intuitive facilitator and guider, she holds everything so gently and with such beautiful love and light.” Colette

“Hi Loes, Wow!! I still cannot get over how amazing last night’s session was, and what came up for me!! It was so wonderful meeting you, and being part of your incredible constellation work. Thank you so much for the session, for holding space for me, and for making me feel so safe to explore the energies at work, to dive deep into my past, and to be vulnerable. I am truly honored to have shared this experience with you – can’t wait for our next session!”

“Oh my gosh I’m still absolutely blown away by the constellation last night. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was honestly incredible and so on point. I am super grateful to you for holding space and guiding me through, it was exactly what I needed and I really do feel lighter, stronger, and softer today. I’d also love to keep doing this work with you!Thank you so much Loes!!! I feel like that really was the start of my walls coming down!”

“I am very grateful to Loes for the family constellation, which I have experienced as profound, enlightening and healing. Her empathetic, but also clear guidance made me feel safe. All together it was a very transformative experience.” Jacqueline

“The constellation Loes guided was very beautiful, healing and profound. For me it really gave a breakthrough in the inner work. It was a wonderful journey we were on together in that session. I now feel calmer, softer, more present, more whole and closer to myself. And I notice that I have more confidence in life. It is as if I’ve reclaimed a lost part of me.” Rozemarijn

“Her warm personality, her open mind and her purity made me feel safe and carried. Loes really senses things and knows how to guide the constellation so well. Proceeding carefully and decisively, always tuning in with me. The session went very natural and effortless. I was amazed about how easy and smooth constellations are possible to do online. This will definitely not be the last constellation I’ll do with Loes.” Verena

“Loes has lovingly guided me during different constellations and I was able to receive beautiful insights every time. She is very focused and pure in her work. This made me feel very seen and safe. You just feel her mission is to bring people closer to their true selves. Thank you for helping me so well.” Manon

“You feel so beautifully what is needed in the moment, you are very open and attuned. With a lot of respect, openness and purity you guide the session. You know how to work freely, in tune and intuitively with the energy of the conscious field. Very gentle yet confident looking for what wants to be seen on deeper layers. Everything is allowed to come up within your presence. That is such a relief.” Rozemarijn

Coaching Working with constellations

Constellation work is one of the most loving and deep ways of healing that I know. Through ground anchors and puppets, in the conscious field of purity and truth, will arise that what needs to be seen, felt and healed in that moment, about your question or intention. You will get to experience and feel what a certain theme or movement is telling you. A constellation can offer you new insights, healing, transformation, lightness and space.

Working with inquiry

Inquiry is a methode of self discovery. It helps to deepen the inner journey and to become present with whatever wants to reveal itself on deeper layers inside you. Letting unfold that what wants to be seen, felt, healed and discovered.

Outdoor life coaching

I am a trained outdoor life coach. We can work outside in nature and involve nature’s symbolism in the proces. Working in nature can offer an extra dimension to the proces of inner healing.

Free Toolkit

Coming soon, working on it!


A session will take about 1,5 hour. We can work outside in nature, inside or online. Together we’ll discuss what works best for you and the theme you want to work on. Due to the corona crisis I’m working mostly online with constellations. I find that working online with constellations works just as deep as live sessions. If you are not sure if a theme is suitable for coaching, or you first want to connect before planning a session we can plan a phone call, free of obligation and free of charge. For questions feel free to get in touch!