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Lifecoach, Workshop facilitator en Singer songwriter.
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With her versatile, soulful voice, sincere songs and travel stories, singer songwriter Loes Swinkels touches the heart of many. Loes traveled the world, from Africa to Azia, Canada, USA and Australia.. Searching for a place to call home. Eventually she lost her heart to New Zealand and found home inside herself. Her travels and life experiences are a source of inspiration for Loes’ life and songs, in which she desires to share love and light.

The album ‘Nothing As I Know’ released in 2015 received very good reviews from Lust For Life, Jazzism and Heaven. After 1,5 years of playing shows across The Netherlands, Loes felt it was time for a big change. She left her band and musical endeavor behind to spread her wings and fly out into the world again.

Now, for the first time in six years, Loes is releasing a new album, called ‘Ocean Heart’. Songs she wrote in The Netherlands, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. On ‘Ocean Heart’ – whispered by the wind and the sea – she lets her heart sing. About where she is, who she loves, who she misses. About being really close and far away. An ode to love, life and Mother Nature.

For this album Loes collaborated with producer Ton Snijders and musicians Lean Robbemont, Charles Nagtzaam, Tim William van Ouwerkerk, Marcel Verbeek and Patricia Pattinama.

On ‘Ocean Heart Loes stays true to her heart. She embraces what life really is about. In these calm and sincere songs Loes’ love and light is more tangible than ever.

Single Prayer of the Mothers

Single Goddess

Single Free Spirit

CD Loes Swinkels - Ocean Heart

Album Ocean Heart

“To Loes, songwriting is like a second nature. She is always writing and invariably has new songs, on paper or in her mind. Now she is releasing her new album ‘Ocean Heart’.

On ‘Ocean Heart’ – whispered by the wind and the sea – she lets her heart sing. About where she is, who she loves, who she misses. About being really close and far away. An ode to Love, Life and Mother Nature.” Marcel Verbeek


You can book a show; solo, duo or band.

Or an intimate houseconcert with songs, travel stories and connecting.

If you want something different for a show.. Book the ‘Live Experience’. A show in a relaxed setting, with quiet songs, travel stories and real connection with the audience. Imagine yoga mats, blankets, pillows, candles, incense and tea. A moment to relax and experience, to come home to yourself and let the music take you on a journey.

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Tour data

04-09-2022 Yin On The Rocks – Nijmegen

27-08-2022 Schijt aan de grens festival – Overloon

12/14-08-2022 Sister Retreat Zelfliefde – Place to Be Zelhem

20-07-2022 Event Grijs Gebied – Hodenpijl Schipluiden

09-07-2022 Solo Retraite Zwier – Vinkeveen

07-07-2022 Ecstatic Dance Healing Concert – Soefitempel Katwijk

18-06-2022 Wel Opstellingen – Amersfoort besloten

04-06-2022 Concert – Westenschouwen


22-05-2022 Kleur en Kracht – Venray

16-05-2022 Solo Retraite Zwier – Vinkeveen

07-05-2022 Boekpresentatie Eveline van Dongen

29-04-2022 Retraite Inner Freedom – Helvoirt

16-04-2022 Vrouwen Ceremonie – Lunteren
Met Binkie Touber (Free Spirit Session)

10-04-2022 Yin On The Rocks – Nijmegen

01-04-2022 Kracht van het Hart Healing Concert – Rosmalen

19-03-2022 Wel Opstellingen – Amersfoort besloten

06-03-2022 Inner Freedom Retraite – Helvoirt

05-03-2022 Free Spirit Sessions – Lunteren
Met Binkie Touber


26-02-2022 VVV on Tour – Free Spirit Sessions – Haarlem
Met Robby Busscher

20-02-2022 VVV on Tour – Free Spirit Sessions – Driebergen
Met Esther Landa CANCELED

05-02-2022 VVV on Tour – Free Spirit Session – Delft
Met Robby Busscher CANCELED

22-01 VVV on Tour – Free Spirit Session – Nijmegen
Met Robby Busscher CANCELED

16-01 VVV on Tour – Free Spirit Session – Nijmegen
Met Esther Landa CANCELED

12-01-2022 Yin On The Rocks – Nijmegen CANCELED

23-12-2021 Healing Concert Centrum De Gouden Driehoek – Enschede CANCELED

12-12-2021 Wel Opstellingen Amersfoort besloten

10-12-2021 Besloten gelegenheid CANCELED

Free Spirit Yin & Concert – Nijmegen Tickets nieuwe datum volgt

14-11-2021 Hartje Yin Day Retreat – Nijmegen

11-11-2021 Soulful Pregnancy – Veldhoven CANCELED

02-10-2021 Besloten gelegenheid

13-09-2021 Besloten gelegenheid

12-09-2021 Besloten gelegenheid

05-09-2021 Yin On The Rocks – Nijmegen

03-09-2021 Besloten gelegenheid

21-07-2021 Thiemeloods Zomerfeesten – Nijmegen Tickets CANCELED

21-07-2021 Yogales Ponton Festival – Nijmegen CANCELED

17-07-2021 Besloten gelegenheid

11-07-2021 Yin On The Rocks Retreat – Nijmegen

10-07-2021 Yin The Summer – Nijmegen

03-07-2021 Hartje Yin & Co – Bergharen

19-06-2021 Vrouwen Voor Vrijheid

12-06-2021 Ecstatic Dance Intensive – Land van Lisa, Rekken

06-06-2021 Yin On The Rocks Retreat – Nijmegen

30-05-2021 Yin On The Rocks Retreat ‘Dive Deeper’ – Bergharen

09-05-2021 Yin On The Rocks Retreat (Sold out)

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